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TRIXIE's 3-Story Cat Tower
TRIXIE's 3-Story Cat Tower TRIXIE's 3-Story Cat Tower

TRIXIE's 3-Story Cat Tower

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TRIXIE's 3-Story Cat Tower provides endless opportunities for cats to climb, scratch, and relax while owners can enjoy watching them play and explore. Felines can sharpen their claws on nearly every part of the durable sisal exterior, giving them a healthy outlet for their scratching instincts.

If a nap or a place to hide is in order, the cat can crawl inside the multi-level kitty condo through one of three openings. The exterior lining of the entryways and the inside of the condo is covered in soft fleece, making it the perfect cozy retreat. Feeling a little spunky? Jump, climb or perch atop the platform and lie in wait for unsuspecting prey to pass by or simply enjoy the view. We've also include a dangling pom-pom toy for added appeal. The subtle earth tones of the sisal and fabrics also make this piece of cat furniture easy to integrate into your home décor.
* 3-story cat tower
* Wrapped in natural sisal
* Covered with soft fleece inside and out
* Crawl holes inside connect the three levels
* Dangling pom-pom toy included
* Suitable for cats of all ages and activity levels
* One year warranty
* Color: beige
* Materials: plush, fleece, sisal, elastic band
* Dimensions: 14 x 14 x 27.75 in. (41 x 41 x 58 cm)
* Weight: 18 lbs.

Made in China

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